I started this blog as a way to release my thoughts and creative projects. I mostly share items I have made through various arts such as crochet, knit, or sewing. I feel crocheting and knitting get a bad rep for being associated to “old” which is not the case. There are many designers out there that turn yarn into modern pieces that you could pick up in any store today.

I hope to one day start creating my own designs but for now will continue to focus my time on developing my skills. While I don’t have a shop to purchase handmade goods from, if you are interested in any custom work feel free to contact me via email at sierra@freshknack.com.

I also have a love of food (who doesn’t) and like to share great recipes I find while scouring the millions on the internet. I have some favorite go to bloggers that I know never fail me when it comes to trying new foods and recipes which I will often share with you.

Why the name Fresh Knack you ask? Well I was trying to come up with a creative way to say “modern” which is where “Fresh” came to fruition and in order to not generalize the content of this blog to one thing I came up with “Knack”, you know from the word knick knacks. So there you have it.

I am a full time working woman, wife, and momma bear to my sweet boy and 2 baby girls, and we live in Iowa.