Maker Wants to Make…..

Before I get into my post I have to stop and give myself a pat on the back for just a moment. Currently I am in single mom mode because my husband is in the field working till 2am every night. It is 8:30pm as I am sitting down writing this after working all day, whipped up Taco Tuesday in a matter of minutes, fed the baby (while I ate too), gave the baby a bath, put the baby to bed, then put my older 2 to bed. I don’t think that has ever went so smoothly than tonight so I am feeling pretty good.

Anyhow back to Maker Wants to Make, but first let me preface with something. As I continue these posts I am quickly realizing I have several “creators” that are my go to and I pretty much like everything they make and want to make it myself. It is likely that you will see repeat makers in these posts….

  1. First up is Lakeside Loops Kenzie Crochet Kimono Cardigan. One thing you will find out about me is that I am a sucker for all things cardigan/kimono related, to me they are the ultimate wardrobe staple. For this particular pattern I love that it comes in adult and kid sizes so I can make matching for my girls and me…better get on it while it’s still cute to dress alike. Kimberley from Lakeside Loops creates such beautiful stuff socks, bags, hats, and more. Each of her patterns has such great depth and definition, it is beautiful. 
  2. Second is this dress from Merrick’s Art, she hasn’t even posted the tutorial yet but OH MY GOODNESS I cannot wait until Friday when she sends it out so check back on her website Friday for it. This whole bell sleeve movement has got me hooked and I just love the shape of this dress so much. The fabric store will be getting a visit from me as soon as I get my hands on the tutorial. She has the best sewing tutorials if you want to get into making garments of your own, even from your own clothing. Go follow her if you aren’t already, she is adorable as well as her kids. 

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