Whole 30 Update….15 days in

Well I am 15 days into the Whole30 and wanted to provide you all an update. So here are a few things:

  1. I was either so sleep deprived from having a 6 month old (who is now sleeping through the night) or this Whole30 has made me sleep like well….a baby. I literally have to have the baby monitor next to my ear otherwise I am in a sleep coma and won’t hear it. I also have to say for those nights when I do have to get up in the wee hours of the morning I do not have trouble getting back to sleep.
  2. Although this is not a weight loss program I know I have lost weight. You aren’t supposed to actually weigh yourself throughout the 30 days but I know just by the way my clothes fit, enough said.
  3. Cravings….I didn’t really have that withdrawal period in the first week like I thought I would but I am feeling more urges now. And I have to say the book was spot on, I have been dreaming of eating non-compliant foods and I sort of wake up thinking to myself “Did that really happen or was that a dream??”

So far so good, 15 more days to go…I know I can do it mantra is on repeat. One of the most frustrating things during this process is peeling hard boiled eggs. WHAT THE HELL…..why does half the egg come off with the shell and then the next egg peels perfectly??? Tell me what is that about people…..I seriously want to squish the egg in my hand and throw it at something.

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