Whole30 Recap Days 1-7

Alright folks, I am 7 days into my Whole 30 and here are my thoughts so far:

This really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I have had my temptations for sure like the first day when my kids brought me home a cupcake they made at Grandma’s….pure torture. Glad my husband was willing to put up the good fight and eat it for me.

Most of the days have been a complete blur, maybe that’s because I chose to sleep train my 6 month old the same week I began this….um what the hell was I thinking….I mean really.

Here is a high level recap of the types of things I ate throughout the week.

Meals that were on repeat:

Breakfast was hard boiled eggs, Epic barbananas – I eat breakfast in the car on my way to work so every weekday breakfast has to be grab and go. This lady doesn’t have time to heat things up or cook an elaborate breakfast in the morning.

Lunch – Salmon burgers (from the book) with chipotle lime mayo, and kale.

I cooked a few easy meals this week like Chicken and Veggie Lo MeinCarnitas, and lettuce taco meat wraps (so good).

I had one of the smallest of slips….my daughter fed me a piece of gum and as soon as I tasted the sweetness of the watermelon sugar infused stick I spit it out. Seriously it makes you really think about all the things that you unconsiously put in your mouth. Especially with little kids, you just want to eat the little bites they have left so things don’t go to waste.

I capped off today with ride home smelling Mcdonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets…….seriously the worst. Then made these Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Potatoes topped off with primal kitchen ranch and green onion. They were pretty damn good.



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