Coffee Shop Wrap

One of my new favorite creators is the woman behind Two of Wands. All of her creations are gorgeous and make me want to buy all the yarn to make all the things. The first pattern I saw from her was the Coffee Shop Wrap. I was disappointed in the fact that it was a knit pattern but I still loved it and kept it in my arsenal of “want to make” items. I finally gave in and bought the yarn to make this fabulous piece and then later realized she also made this in a crochet version but I honestly liked the knit version better.

I decided to make this as a gift for my mom and it took me some time as I am not a pro at knitting by any means. I think I had to start this over 4 times and let’s be honest it isn’t a difficult piece. Well I finally finished it and didn’t want to let go of it, luckily I bought enough yarn to make another!

Link to pattern:



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