New Pillow Covers

Not to long ago we repainted our living area. Going from what I call a red/orange color to grey, big change. It made our living area feel so much bigger and brighter. My kitchen is a yellow color, like corn yellow, and I love grey and yellow color combos with hints of purple (my favorite color). So naturally when we went from our previous color to grey a lot of my decor no longer matched including my pillows. So we went without pillows for a while, I am not sure why, because we had pillows they just didn’t match and were sitting upstairs. Anyhow, I was at Hobby Lobby and found some Duck Canvas in A LOT of different colors and settled on these 2 prints and a couple others that I haven’t finished yet.

How I made them? Well I took the old pillow covers that had a zipper and laid them over my fabric and cut 1 piece the same size but added a 5/8 seam allowance. Then I cut the pieces for the back which ended up being 2 pieces that overlapped on the back to slip the pillow in and out when they need a wash. Because I have 2 young children, they will need washed frequently. I was easily able to whip these babies up in 30 minutes. Now I just need to finish the other 3 I have to make but need to find some fabric with a little purple in it.

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