Jean Cardigan via Inside Crochet

I finally finished it! Seriously I feel like this took forever, because it did, and now it is done. I LOVE THIS VINTAGE INSPIRED CARDIGAN. This piece came from Inside Crochet issue 72, I love this magazine. The only down side is this is a heavy piece of clothing and it is 80+ degrees outside so wearing it now, well, might not happen. I have been waiting all spring for 80 degree weather and now I want to have a cooler day so I can wear it. Or maybe I shouldn’t have been so damn lazy and finished it sooner. I lied, there is another down side, this yarn is expensive, and you need a lot of it. I kept checking on sites for this yarn and the original price was over $6 and finally snagged it for just over $4 from Deramores.

I have never done cross stitch before so that was an interesting experience but I think it turned out beautifully. I can’t say that it was my favorite thing to do because I swear it took me forever and I had a hard time going over the right squares, not sure why, it’s not that hard to count stitches.

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