Minion Love

My son is a fan of Despicable Me, Minion Madness…..and well you get the picture. I set out to make him this minion man some time ago. It took forever, not because it was hard it just took a long time to find time to do it without interruption. I loved it when Stealth would go and grab my crochet bag and ask “Do you want to work on my minion?” it made me laugh. I used it as an excuse to tell him I would as long as he kept his sister occupied. Anyhow on to the minion itself. I have mentioned before I follow another blogger Stephanie from All About Ami and she so graciously provided the pattern for this adorable creature. The minion can be disassembled by taking off his googles and well…..his pants. There was a lot of thought put into this creature because the amount of detail was pretty amazing.

As you can see Stealth was pretty pleased, he told me he just loved it so much which melted my heart. He is such a sweetie.




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