Eve doll from Wall-e

I follow a blog called All About Ami. The blogger, Stephanie, is so creative and I love her sense of style. She also creates amigurumi creatures that are dainty and just cute as could be. To the point already, my daughter loves the movie Wall-E, I mean Eve was the first word that we were truly able to comprehend as she began to spit words out. This girl gets crazy excited when she hears the intro music to the movie, squeals like a little pig to be quite honest. It is the cutest thing ever!

I did some internet browsing searching for an Eve doll to make, seeing as the silhouette of the animated creature is not complex I figured it would be an easy start into the amigurumi world. Well I found one at sukigirl7.blogspot.com and away I went. It was pretty simple to create the hardest part was attaching the little pieces together.

So here she is and yes my daughter carries her around with her and sleeps with her which I love. I am always happy when kids take pride in things that are homemade versus bought in the store.

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