Easy Sew Baby Blanket

With some leftover fabric from the nursery decor I am putting together some baby blankets for our little girl. I remember when our son was born that you just can’t have enough blankets around for them to lay on and snuggle with when they are younger.

With the leftover fuchsia fabric I had and I purchased some fluffy fleece fabric with some diamond detail from JoAnn’s this past weekend in white and made this simple blanket. I still have some other pieces that I have left and will make a “quilt” of sorts when I get a moment. Since this was one large piece it was put together rather quickly.

I used this website as a starting point since I don’t do a ton of sewing. I chose to do a 2 1/2 inch border with the fleece. It turned out to be about 45″x45″ but I just eyeballed it to what I thought looked good.

I think it turned out lovely and oh so soft!

IMG_1257 IMG_1253

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