Vinyl Work

Working with my cricut machine lately I decided to venture into using it for some vinyl work. For my first project I wanted to do something simple. I decided to label my canisters in my pantry that housed my baking supplies. That way there is no future mistakes made between flour and powdered sugar.

All I did was searched through my cartridge library and found a font that I liked and put them together in the cricut craft room.

Side note: If you have a cricut and don’t have the craft room I sincerely think you are missing out! It is so much easier to put things together on the computer versus trying to just do them on the cricut itself.

Once I found the font I liked I pulled out my canisters and did some measuring to decide placement and size of the text I wanted. With that decided, I plugged my cricut in and cut away. I used some tools to extract the excess pieces such as the middle part of letters. I then put the transfer paper on the final image I wanted placed on the canister. I cleaned the canisters before applying and done! So simple! photo

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