IMG_1072With the weather cooling off I decided to make a pair of what I call “in between” slippers. It is still too warm for the heavy duty slippers that we all break out in the middle of winter but it is cool enough that you want something to cover your feet without having to wear socks. I hate socks.

This is another pattern I found in an internet search but I had to make quite a few alterations to the pattern. I started with using a magic circle to start and had to decrease the number of total rows to make them fit so only did a total of 21 rows versus the 28 that is called for in the pattern. Depending on what size of feet you have  you may have to make some changes as well.

I also chose to weave a piece of matching gray yarn in and out around the top as opposed to doing the single crochet as the pattern stated. This gives it a little bit more of a shoe like feel and allows you to tighten them up as needed.  Click here for the pattern.

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