Gender Reveal Sash

Well last week on Friday we had an ultrasound and found out the gender of our December baby. We were not anticipating finding out until August but the ultrasound tech said the baby was in perfect position for us to find out right then (insert surprised face). With our son I was so excited that I just couldn’t hold anything about the pregnancy in so it was just a call to our family as soon as we found out and that was that, typical first time parents.

This time around (not that this baby is any less exciting) I decided to do something a little more fun since it was going to be a surprise that we knew already, anyways, so I did some creative crocheting and photography shots to reveal the news.

I have a book on different crochet flowers so I just picked one, a carnation, to make in an appropriate color for the gender. I then purchased some ribbon that was 1 inch thick and sewed the flower on first and then hot glued it on the ribbon as well to be more stable. Pretty simple… it is.



  1. dreamsxofxsummer | 25th Jul 13

    Very cute!

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